LAVER4 CSR series

LAVER4 CSR series

Machine for washing small parts progressive centrifugal drying with blower and plenum with 3 heating elements for high temperatures. Heated single tank, pneumatic lid opening.

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Rotating basket washing machine with progressive centrifugal drying with heating element and three-resistance blower unit for high temperature, single heated tank.

Pneumatic lid opening when the cycle is complete.


Structure executed in aisi 304 stainless steel.
Painted iron base.
Separate electrical panel enclosed in hydro-protected box with user-friendly control console, equipped with PLC and inverter; low voltage controls v.24.
Two preset programs available in the console.
Single heated rinsing tank ( with independent electrical panel ) made of aisi 304 stainless steel equipped with pump for programmed recirculation.
Conical rotating basket made of aisi 304 stainless steel, for containment and evacuation of washing liquids.
Removable basket made of aisi 304 stainless steel equipped with supports for extraction with hoist.
Safety lock in lid opening according to current regulations.

Functional characteristics

Immersion washing and centrifuging machine with final drying of parts introduced in bulk into the removable basket

When the lid is closed, select the cycle start button, the pump, will fill the conical basket tank and, for the selected time, start rotating at a slow speed.
After the immersion washing and bidirectional rotation phase has taken place, it will automatically switch to the centrifugation phase (for the set time with progressive acceleration with drying by heating element and three-resistance blower unit ), which will return the liquid to the storage tank for the next cycle.

Components and customizations

Removable basket


Control panel


Pneumatic basket extraction

Flag pole for basket extraction with hoist


Side tank heating


Disc oiler

Pneumatic lid opening



Inside side tank

How LAVER4 CSR Works - Video



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